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Fisherton Consulting offers a range of financial management services to support your business. We would like to meet you to discuss which of our services best suits your needs:  

Systems & Procedure Reviews

Your Accounting System underpins the way you process your transactions and the way you manage your business. Every business is different and each business owner will require different inputs and outputs.

Fisherton Consulting can implement a number of systems, including those that use cloud technology. We tailor both the system and chart of accounts (the coding structure) to suit your business.

Why Use Fisherton Consulting?

Management Accounts

Management Accounts are a monthly or quarterly snapshot of business activity for the period.

Most small businesses will receive a Profit & Loss statement and a Balance Sheet from their accountants. This information can be so out of date that it is no longer a useful tool for business decision-making.

Fisherton Consulting prepares the management accounts from your most recent financial records; this information is the key to good financial decision-making within your organisation. We adapt the format and content of these accounts to your specific needs.

Benefits of Management Accounts:

Annual Accounts

Annual accounts are a necessary element of running a business.   Accounts consisting of a Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet will give a business owner a vital overview of the position and performance of the business over the previous 12 months.

The information in the accounts can then be used by those who require such information for decision-making and record-keeping purposes, such as banks offering finance, suppliers offering credit and potential customers looking to contract with the business.

Late filing of annual accounts to Companies House will result in automatic financial penalties.  Fisherton Consulting will prepare annual accounts for small companies and submit them in compliance with the business's statutory duty.

Sole Traders and Partnerships need annual accounts in order to provide information for their tax returns.


Tax Returns

HMRC Fisherton Consulting will complete your tax returns according to the various timing requirements from HMRC. Fisherton Consulting assists individuals and companies with preparing and filing:

Self-assessment tax returns

People who are self-employed, company directors, or who have income from non-employed sources (e.g. investments or property) are required to submit Self-assessment tax returns. Fisherton Consulting helps you at every stage, from registering for self-assessment tax to completing the relevant documents; we meet deadlines and will manage HMRC audits and appeals. We give you sensible advice in plain English. We can deal with the HMRC on your behalf, enabling you to focus on your core business with complete peace of mind.

Corporation tax returns

Corporation tax returns apply to profits made by companies and organizations.   Fisherton Consulting helps you with the following:

We will deal with the HMRC on your behalf, enabling you to focus on developing your business, secure in the knowledge that your Corporation Tax responsibilities are being properly managed to your best advantage.


UK businesses whose turnover exceeds £82,000 per annum are expected to register for VAT.   If you are approaching the registration threshold, we can advise you on your obligations and help you to register with HMRC. We advise on current VAT schemes and methods to minimise your liabilities.

HMRC Apart from doing the VAT on your behalf, we will also help you prepare for a detailed VAT audit, if needed. We are experienced at dealing with HMRC on behalf of our clients. We manage all aspects of this, from filing papers and answering queries to ensuring that you meet all the VAT deadlines.

Fisherton Consulting can complete your calculations for your quarterly VAT returns, either from your own records or from the bookkeeping records we maintain for you.   Missing VAT deadlines is very common among small businesses and can result in a financial penalty.   We attend any meetings with and inspections by HMRC, in order to address any questions they may have.

VAT Services



Why Use Fisherton Consulting for Payroll

Payroll Services - Detail


Fisherton Consulting offers bookkeeping services to small businesses, partnerships, sole traders, contractors and freelancers. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Banknotes Small businesses and Sole Traders often do not have an up-to-date picture of their financial status. This can have the consequence that you are unable to make appropriate business decisions; this puts your business at risk.   We will advise you of any out-of-the-ordinary transactions.   Combined with our Management Reporting service, we can offer you the timely financial information that is usually only available to large companies with dedicated Finance Departments: Fisherton Consulting is your Virtual Finance Office.

Fisherton Consulting insists on punctual book-keeping, thus giving you complete control of your finances. We enable you to make properly informed financial decisions.

Why choose Fisherton Consulting for your bookkeeping?

Fisherton Consulting offers these Bookkeeping services:


Fisherton Consulting is Xero™ certified.   Xero™ is a very user friendly online accounting system. It is completely secure, always up to date and always available (subject to internet connection).    Please or to ask for a demonstration.

Sage Accounting

Fisherton Consulting is Sage™ accredited.    If we use Sage™ for your books there is no additional cost to you.

Fisherton Consulting will work either at your workplace or at our offices. This allows maximum flexibility for your organisation.